Cedar Street Maise

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  1. This just arrived in the post for me today. I ordered it last weekend. Love it! I went to my local boutique last week to check out the sale, but they only had the maise in yellow and pink. Luckily they still had this red online so I ordered it *happy*

    The colour of this bag is called cherry liqueur. But they also have it in watermelon. Does anyone have a picture of what the watermelon colour looks like? They look the same from the website.

  2. Watermelon has more orange in it than the cherry liquor.. And is very bright. I like it, but it is not as pink as I thought it looked online. Very fun and summery.

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  3. I love the colour. Thanks for sharing!
  4. Love the colour of your Maise, I have the matching wallet!
  5. Ooh swoon! Another gorgeous colour! Congrats!
  6. Thanks guys. I love to colour too. Wasn't planning on buying another bag, but couldn't stop myself when I saw the colour. But I'm going to be really strict with myself now and say no new bags till post-Christmas sales!
  7. I wish I had your self-restraint, I can never pass up an item that I happen to fall in love with, let alone a good deal!
  8. I have no self restrains either. I've already decided to buy a wallet on sale when the extra 25% starts!
  9. Lol well let's see how long my resolve lasts. I'm going to make an effort to stay away from the shops for a while, I think that helps.
  10. I love the Kate Spade wallets, I have so many I could easily use a different one each day.
  11. I accidentally got a blue sharpie mark on my Astor court turquoise wallet. Haven't even tried to get rid of the mark in fear of damaging the leather.
  12. Try taking it in store and asking for help? I did that and they cleaned it for me with their leather cleaner/conditioner since I didn't want to make things worse!
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  13. Oh no! I managed to get a couple of blue biro pen marks on my harmony tote. But luckily it's black bag so it's not very obvious. I haven't tried to use anything to get rid of the marks except for water and soap. Maybe try a small patch test on the back of the wallet if you're unsure.
  14. May I ask what you mean by it's not as pink as you thought? I just ordered a Cedar Street Maise and Cedar Street Stacy in Watermelon (I haven't seen the color in person). I couldn't decide between the Watermelon or the Pink Blush colors and I just thought the watermelon would be more neutral and go with more.
  15. Oh I just meant it is more of an orange-red than bright pink.. BUT it is a beautiful bag and goes with so much.. I just thought it would be more pink when I saw it online.