Cedar street maise in black or rouge pink?

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  1. Hi guys,

    Looking at the UK website the cedar street maise has been on my wish list for a while. Do you think it's one of those bags that will come out of fashion or will it be practical for years to come? I love pink so much but have other pink totes from different brands. Should I go with the pink or black? I hate selling bags and changing up too often so want to buy something that will still be a classic design. Do you recommend these or should I go with something different altogether?

  2. IMO: :smile:
    Things to remember about the Maise, I think the silhouette is very classic. It's also very roomy.

    But after time people have said it loses its structure and when you store it (unstuffed) the leather can crease. I think with prolonged daily use it folds in on itself slightly? I cant explain it.

    I'd go with black just because I think black goes with any outfit, it can be dressed up with fur poms/keychains or scarfs, and it doesn't show signs of wear like pink will.
  3. Thanks for your advice. Do you suggest I get the cindy dome satchel by Michael Kors instead? Does that one tend to age better. They look very similar to me.

  4. I have quite a few MK saffiano bags and they have all held up great. I'm not rough on them but I don't baby them either. I actually just ordered a lilac Cindy, lovely shape.

  5. Its all up to you, I think the Cindy is a cute bag as well!
  6. I like the Maise but concerned about the handle as they look so thin to me. I had a bag with similar handle and it frayed during a short period of use.
  7. I own maise it is suitable for casual but is not that spacious inside =) Suitable for small and petite