Cedar Point - Weekdays?

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  1. Not sure if this was already posted. I looked through 4 pages...

    If you've been to Cedar Point on the weekdays, was it very busy? I would kind of like to go, but the best time I can think of is during the Labor Day weekend, which I'm assuming will be TERRIBLE and VERY busy.

    I kinda want to go before Sept 2nd. I know, total short notice. But the major set back is I'm busy monday, wednesday, friday.

    eek! help?!
  2. I went two years ago at the end of August on a Wednesday. It was perfect. We didn't wait long in lines at all. We waited for an hour for the most popular ride, but other than that we went through most lines within 20 minutes.

    Labor Day weekend might be a different story though. I would recommend going during a weekday that doesn't fall on a holiday.
  3. ^^ thanks :smile: