Cecily vs. Medium Lily

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  1. Does anyone have both the Medium Lily and the Cecily? I know they are about the same size, but I would love to see a side by side comparison.

    I'm very interested in the M Lily, but I have seen a few Cecily bags around as well and my interest is piqued!

    Anyone have any input? Maybe pros and cons?
  2. I am lucky to have both, and i cant really choose between them. Cecily is a bit more dressy, but size wise they are very similar. I do like the chunky handles on the cecily, they are very tactile.

    Comp pic between cobalt cecily and medium red lily

  3. Thank you so much! I really like the chunky handles on the Cecily, as well. The one I'm looking at is the Cecily Flower. I adore it!
  4. These are gorgeous, I love the chunky handle on the Cecily, are they going to make it again.

    I could never understand why they stopped producing such a beautiful design
  5. I have a regular Cecily with flower clasp and a large lily but I prefer the Cecily I have a problem like bag straps will never stay on my shoulder and the Cecily is that ONLY BAG I have EVER PURCHASED that stays on my shoulder! It is much more comfortable than my lily even when carry next to nothing in it the chain sorta diggs into my skin but the thicker chain on the Cecily doesn't give me any issues :smile:
  6. Both gorgeous, bur for me the cross body option won Med Lily. Love the side by side pic Loveheart!!!
  7. I have had both bags and loved both but i have to say after my black med lily going i went for the Med Flower lock Cecily and i love it. Its so classy and feminine and just reminds me of a Chanel design i saw in white leather.

    Id say go for the flower without a doubt reg or med.
  8. How's the leather on flower lock Cecily jan? She's caught my eye:smile: do you still have the beautiful biscuit Cecily?