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  1. These are divine!!! I always thought Woodstock is suede leather, now looking at your pictures I have the feeling that it's more grained leather... How do you feel in terms of stretching? Do they mode to your feet after wear?
  2. hehe, thank you! I have a weakness for anything purple :p

  3. haha thanks for the info!!! I went shopping today and i tried on the python menthe VPs you had!!! They were shockingly colorful tho, found it so hard to match my wardrobe so I passed even they are my size... but I am surprised I took a 35 well. Did you go TTS on them? My CLs (non-VPs) so far are all 35.5 but maybe the platforms/high heels on VP make me going for half size down?! I am def getting a pair of VPs (leather or satin) very soon so I am trying out the sizes... I thought a 35.5 will do now I am confused :shrugs: Do you find leather (kid or patent etc) VP is tighter than python?
  4. Oh boy I love them...you look great...fabulous just stunning
  5. Wow, that Aminaka Wilmont dress is amazing!
  6. yeah, the color was what put me off from the Menthe shoes at first too! but I'm sorta surprised that they are actually quite wearable as long as I wear very simple neutral colored clothing. As for the VP size in general, I can take them TTS or half size up. And for these, I took them half size up cuz they didn't have 35.5... I guess we're somewhat of the same shoe size twins :p But if you find the 35 fits you well without squishing your toes to death, then I'd definitely get this! The leather will stretch, especially kid leather. Hmm... No, I usually find patent is slightly tighter than kid or python for the same style. The latter two will also stretch more than patent. CL's patent is like Roger Vivier's, both are on the "harder" side, compared to patent leather from Manolo or Jimmy Choo's :yes: Hope this helps and good luck shopping!

    Thank you for visiting Donna :p

    hehe thanks ninja! Yeah that dress is beautiful! I'm just afraid that the beads might fall off so I haven't worn it out yet. I really should though, cuz it's soooooo hot here now 35C (95F)!!! :sunshine:
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    My next purchase is a couple of weeks overdue...

    Christian Louboutin Pigalle 120 in Patent Black Leather

    ...the shoes for which I've been waiting 2 years now but couldn't find my size! It always seemed like everytime there was a new batch of shipment, they'd be the first ones off the shelf in seconds due to the long waitlist. The last time, someone had snatched them right from my hands! I finally asked NAP to waitlist me. Initially they said no, they dunno when their inventory will get restocked, but then 3 days later, one of their reps contacted me and put a reservation order aside for me. I was working on call that day and the entire time my mind was thinking about the shoes lol. So as soon as I got home even after 30 hours of barely any sleep, I made the payment STAT! haha

    Anyhow, these are not CL's most lavish shoes, but they're certainly the shoes that most represent his style - apparently Louboutin was following a woman walking in high heels like these in the Pigalle area of France. He followed her for several streets then found her to enter some alleyway or building. Then he realized that the woman was actually a prostitute which he has a thing for show girls and such characters.

    The pitch is like my Pigalle Plato 140, but the sizes for all the Pigalles run TTS for me, unlike what other say about going half size down for the 120 pitch. Surprisingly, I think the 120 is more comfy to walk in than the 100 equivalent for all for pairs of my Pigalle shoes and the toebox is less narrow too... I dunno, I'm kinda odd I guess? lol :shrugs:

    No modeling pix yet... I have a special outfit that I'm waiting for delivery today to go with the shoes :presents





    Pigalles height comparison:
    As you can see, the Pigalle 120 and Pigalle Plato 140 are really not their "true" height. They're actually shorter by about 5mm than their designation.

  8. I know what you mean! I have this beautiful beaded Madison Marcus top and have already lost some of the beading from usage. So unfortunately, it's currently hanging in my closet just looking pretty.

    I sound like a fan girl, but I really enjoy your blog. I usually don't read fashion blogs, but I find your writing to be very informative and interesting! :smile:
  9. haha thank you! Yeah, my blog is something that I started last year for me to take my mind off of things... I'll take the "interesting" as a compliment! My English is a hit or miss. Some of my English teachers loved my writing in the past, but some others were like.... too long sentences, too many prepositions, too many adjectives, too confusing :roflmfao:

    Do you have a blog yourself or other hobbies?
  10. YAYYYYYY my dress has arrived!!!!!!! :party:

    Roland Mouret SS12 Ezra Dress in Berry Red Stretch Cotton


    So back in February when I was blogging about what to wear for Valentine's Day, I picked a couple of my favorite red dresses of the season. My first choice was RM's Ezra dress that really spoke to my style. I paired it with Louboutin's Pigalle 120 which I just bought as well. Normally RM's dresses are sold out pretty fast in the smaller sizes, so I was super lucky to have snatched this from one of the European stores at a great price on sale.

    The neckline is gorgeous, which I always love about Monsieur Mouret's work. I dunno, there's something about it being so sexy, yet very conservative at the same time. Unfortunately, I find the fit to be a little bit off. I did get it one size larger than my usual size which may explain the bunching of fabric around the hips. I'm a little self-conscious about it since my hips are a little wide. I definitely need to bring the dress to my seamstress to get the "crotch problem" fixed!!! Otherwise, I love the dress - and oh! - did I mention that this is also my first red dress?!?! I felt like I need to stop buying black and other neutral colors. Time to step out of my comfort zone and face my childhood fear of the color red!!! :p





  11. Mod pix:

    Ahhhhh!!! It's sooo hot today, my hair's sticking to my face LOL :yucky:



  12. WOW! You look absolutely darling in that red dress... sticky hair or not.
  13. hehe, thanks Krazy! I felt bad for getting my new dress sweaty. I'm going to bring it to the cleaner's to get it washed now :shame:
  14. Love the red dress! Why are 3/4 of the pics from the side? I wanna see more full straight on pics!
  15. I just went through your entire thread and everything looks beautiful (CL shoes :loveeyes:). And I especially like all your modeling pictures :smile:.