CEC.LV4eva's Little World of Bags, Shoes, and MORE...

  1. I got the Artsy GM
    I love big bags:graucho:
    I need to take pictures and start my thread:biggrin:
    I love my collection it's growing over the years ...I'm new to the forum but I love designer bags...it's great to read and see others collections...I'm enjoying it on a daily basis now:p

    QUOTE=CEC.LV4eva;22030245]Thank you Renate! :p

    Thanks so much Donna! I'm glad my pix helped you out! So what'd you get? :graucho:

    Thanks Kelly! Yeah, RO makes absolutely the best jackets! I'll try to keep an eye out for you for the same shearling jacket! Sometimes one pops up really randomly :yes:[/QUOTE]
  2. [/QUOTE]

    I'd love to see your collection! Please do make a thread soon! :biggrin:
  3. Next up, is probably my most "horrifically roaring dinosaur-like too early for Halloween" pair of shoes LOL

    Christian Louboutin SS12 Very Privé 120 in Python Fairy Tale Menthe Green

    They are shocking... When the Menthe colorway was introduced this season, I was half intrigued and half disgusted LOL. Since I wasn't much of a fan of the styles that would come out in it (ie Daff, Fifi, and LP), I didn't give it much thought, plus neon green??? I would have nothing to wear to match the shoes! However, ever since I bought my LP in Mandarin Red, I fell in love with the Python Fairy Tale collections. I wanted more! However, I still didn't love the 3 styles... Then one day, some of the lovely PFers here who are so knowledgeable informed me that the VP would be released in the Mandarin Red! I didn't know if the Menthe would be too, but apparently I was told it was, so I contacted my SA who said that indeed there was a Menthe VP but due to its limited nature, they were instantaneously sold out in my size in all the CL boutiques. I thought my shoes had slipped away... Then a week or two later, Neimans suddenly listed the shoes online!!! I would have preferred to have gotten a half size smaller, but whatever... They're too horrifically amazing to pass!





  4. Closeup of the scales:


    Comparison to my Lady Peep in Mandarin Red:




    Lastly modeling pix:
    I had a lot of trouble finding clothes to go with the color of the shoes... I'm usually not a green and red person, but since they're compliment colors to each other, I figured that something red in my clothing would be most suitable.

    Outfit 1: Casual
    Sunnies (on head) - Louis Vuitton Obsession Rond
    Watch - Toy Watch Heavy Metal Plasteramic
    Silk top - Franco Mirabelli
    Faux suede leggings - H&M


    Outfit 2: Dressier...
    Trench coat - Burberry
    Flapper dress - H&M


  5. Beautiful! :woohoo: I think they would also look good with something pink

  6. They are amazing!!!!! :love: CONGRATS!!!!

  7. These pythons are gorgeous and you look fabulous in those mod pictures!! and I have to say I am not a big fan of LV but your collection is simply elegant!!! :woohoo::woohoo::woohoo:
  8. Thanks Misstake! That's a good idea and I have a lot of pink clothing! I'll definitely give that a try! :p

    Thank you Eva! Strangely, they're very wearable! I haven't worn my LPs yet, but these VPs have gone out 3 times already!

    hehe I'm sorta growing out of LV these days as I prefer more subtle bags. Well, thanks for visiting and you're too kind :blush:
  9. Oh my goodness!! I just ordered them from NM!! I loved the Fairytale Python Menthe, but like you, I didn't care for the available styles. But then I came across your pics, and saw that they actually came in a VP, and I could not resist!!! They look so gorgeous on you!! I love both your outfits with them!! Thanks so much for posting!! So much for my shoe ban!! :smile:
  10. You look simply gorgeous !!!!!!!!
  11. AWesome! Can't wait to see your reveal MJ! I'm sure you'll love them! And we'll be shoe twins too :biggrin:

    THank you for visiting Tanty :smile:
  12. I like the shoes with the red pants the best. Did I tell you I have the same Burberry Trench as you? How did you loop the belt like that?
  13. thanks arnott!

    no i didn't know we had the same trench! we're trench twins now :p
    As for the knot, i dunno? I just tie one knot, the another twist on top :shrugs: