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  1. MB Tere in black patent leather
    MB.TerePatentBlack.jpg MB.TerePatentBlack2.jpg

    MB Tere in denim fabric
    MB.SS10.TeresDenim.jpg MB.TeresDenim2.jpg

    Group pic of Teres
  2. MB BB in purple satin with lace overlay
    - my future "something blue" :p




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    My Jimmy Choo shoes:

    JC SS09 Colorado in Smoke
    - My fav work shoes

    DSC02458.JPG DSC02455.JPG DSC02459.JPG DSC02543.JPG DSC02552.JPG
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    JC SS09 Colorado in Tye-Dye Red

    DSC02320.2.jpg DSC02321.2.jpg DSC02322.tPF.JPG DSC02324.tPF.JPG DSC02325.tPF.JPG
  5. JC SS10 Palm Denim
    100_2219.2.jpg 100_2221.2.jpg 100_2223.2.jpg 100_2247.2.jpg 100_2237.2.jpg
  6. JC SS10 Quiet in Tortoise patent leather



  7. JC SS10 Phyllis in Turquoise patent leather



  8. JC FW10 Glenys in Elaphe snakeskin




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    My Dries Van Noten items:

    DVN FW10 Runway Silk Clutch with Crocodile Trim in Turquoise
    - Absolutely stunning hand-made bag with all embroidery individually sewn on and comes with a metal chain if you want to wear it on the shoulder.
    Also available in pink and brown silk print, as well as all black or brown leather, but I think the turquoise version is the most beautiful :p

    100_4334.jpg 100_4337.jpg 100_4357.jpg 100_4341.jpg
  10. DVN FW10 runway from Style.com

    I made a collage picture with some of my favorite pieces of the season. The silk dresses are DIVINE :drool:

    Close-up pic of my bag on the runway :nuts:
  11. DVN FW09 Runway Knee-High Camel Boots with Python Heel

    DSC02812.2.jpg DSC02810.2.jpg DSC02815.2.jpg DSC02830.2.jpg

    I apologize for the ugly pictures. Some of you may have noticed that some pictures that I've posted were not very good, poor resolution, bad colour, bad exposure...etc, it's because I left my camera at my parents' place and only had my old crappy Sony camera for which I used to take these pix. So you really don't see the beauty of the boots, because the leather is gorgeous irl and they're my favorite pair. Here are better pix from the runway.

  12. DVN FW09 Runway Cognac Booties with Python Heel

    DSC02833.2.jpg DSC02841.1.jpg DSC02837.1.jpg

    Part of the same collection, I made a collage of these booties worn by the model on the runway (right) and the pump version from the same line.

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    DVN SS09 Strappy Black leather Sandals with Embroidery

    DSC02948.JPG DSC02969.2.jpg DSC02972.2.jpg DSC02959.2.jpg DSC02945.2.jpg

    With all my shoes purchased, I have to say in general, DVN absolutely makes the most comfortable high heeled shoes. Their boots have won me over, and now even more with their sandal. I don't think necessarily there's more padding at the ball of the foot, or some super shock-absorbing sole, or having a particular heel arch. It's the overall esthetic and form and fit of the shoe. Louboutins tend to have narrow toe box which is not so smart if they keep on teetering up the height of the shoe. Jimmy Choo's classic shoes are excellent for work but their more funky high heeled ones have a weird arch. Manolos are great and I highly respect Mr Blahnik's beliefs in non-platform heels. I despise shoes with >1 inch platform (which seems like a trend with CL these days) and I agree with him completely in the sense that high platforms make you look like you just stepped off the stripper-pole instead of the catwalk. Not to mention that high platformed heels make your feet look huge!!! Esthetically, small feet are more pleasant to the eye... Or at least this is my opinion (don't worry, I'm not into the classic Chinese "lotus" feet, that's just disturbing lol). However, one has to admit that platforms do give your feet a break when walking more. With all this said, my only thing against Manolos is that the ball of your feet suffer more without a small platform.
  14. Alright, less talking and more shoes! :biggrin:

    Miu Miu FW09 Runway Calzature Donna

    MM.FW09.CalDonna.Mside.jpg MM.FW09.CalDonna.backLside.jpg MM.FW09.CalDonna.back.jpg MM.FW09.CalDonna.front.jpg MiuMiu.FW09.runway.jpg
  15. Balenciaga FW10 Wrap Booties in Brown Deer Leather and Black Suede Wedge

    Bal.Wrap.MMbox.2.jpg Bal.FW2010.WrapBooties.back.2.jpg Bal.FW2010.WrapBooties.2.jpg Bal.Wrap.heel.jpg Bal.Wrap.snapbuckle.2.jpg

    I found these by accident recently when I was roaming by Mona Moore. I had no intention of buying them cuz it's not usually my style. However, I was urged by the SA to try them on and they were so awesome looking! Definitely unique and on the edge :wlae: I did debate between these and Rick Owen's but I thought Balenciaga's had a nicer almond toe.