CEC.LV4eva's Little World of Bags, Shoes, and MORE...

  1. First, I'd like to thank you for visiting this thread and I hope you'll enjoy the pictures. I love tPF and after many years of being here, I almost feel like this is family for me lol. However, I always hesitated to post my collection for personal reasons. Now I'll be starting something new in my life and can let go of these hesitations.

    This thread will comprise of bags, shoes, and some clothing and jewelry. My favorite designers included will be Louis Vuitton, Prada, Christian Louboutin, Dries Van Noten, Manolo Blahnik, Jimmy Choo, Tiffany, and Rick Owens.

    My story starts with visiting my cousin in I think 2004 (I was 17?) who owned one of the original 2003 Multicolore bags by Murakami for LV - I later found out that it was called Sologne in white. It was so beautiful I thought, and frankly, I was quite envious lol. Many years later, my cousin grew out of this bag and gave her to me. Here she is at age 7.

    SS03.MCSologneWhite.jpg SS03.MCSologne.inside.jpg SS03.MCSologne.back.jpg SS03.MCSologne.France.jpg SS03.MCSologne.buckle.jpg
  2. My envy turned into inspiration and I was determined to get my first LV bag. I saved almost a year for it.

    My first LV purchase: Monogram Trotteur

    Trotteur.frontback.jpg Trotteur.topbottominside.jpg WhatsInYourBag.Trotteur.LVsunnies.jpg Trotteur.strapbuckles.jpg July10.2006.trotteur.pink.mix.jpg
  3. I was convinced that I would be forever happy...
    Unfortunately I wasn't and the obsession started...

    FW06 LV Onatah Cuir in Aubergine

    LV.OnatahGM.scarf.jpg CuirOnatahGM.sides2.jpg LV.OnatahGM.buckles.jpg LV.OnatahGM.zipper.jpg OnatahCuirGMaubergine.mix.jpg
  4. LV MC Speedy 30 White

    LV.MCspeedy30.heatstamp.jpg MCspeedy30.madeinfrance.jpg MCspeedy30.sides.jpg jan272007mcspeedy30bikijn3.1.jpg April29.2007.MCspeedy30.white.jpg
  5. LV Monogram Batignolles horizontale
    July10.2006.batignollesH.jpg July10.2006.LV.BatignollesH.casual.mix.jpg

    LV Epi Pochette accessoire in red
    DSC01142.JPG DSC01147.JPG DSC01146.JPG
  6. LV MC Lodge PM in white

    LV.lodgepm.jpg MClodgePM.sides.jpg MClodgePM.heatstamp2.jpg LV.LodgePM.mix.jpg Jan30.2007.Etoilebandeau.MClodgePM.jpg
  7. LV Monogram Manhattan PM - one of fav bags

    LV.ManhattanPM.JPG LV.ManhattanPM.sides.jpg LV.ManhattanPM.zippers.tabs.rivets.jpg ManhattanPM.topazbaghanger.jpg LV.ManhattanPM.pockets.jpg
  8. Mnahattan continued...

    April29.2007.ManhattanPM.jpg Dec22.manhattanPM.BCBG.mix.JPG WhatsInYerBag.manhattanPM.inside.JPG
  9. LV Damier Hampstead MM

    HampsteadMM.JPG HampsteadMM.details.JPG HampsteadMM.backbottomsides.JPG march202008hampsteadmmac4.jpg DSC01380.1.JPG
  10. LV Suhali le Talentueux in black
    LV.Suhaliletalentueux.frontbackSlock.jpg LV.Suhaliletalentueux.openinside.France.jpg LV.Suhaliletalentueux.topbottom.leftright.jpg LV.Suhaliletalentueux.shoulderstrap.jpg July10.2007.talentueux.jpg
  11. LV Damier azur Saleya GM





  12. LV LE SS07 Monogram Miroir Lockit in Silver





  13. LV LE FW07 Monogram Motard Biker in Black

    Beautiful bag, but also reminds me of bad memories. I had an issue with the threading on the handle that started to unravel even before I carried it. My usual 3 SAs were ever so kind in helping me, but their new manager was reluctant in exchanging it for me. Being one of their VICs, I did not appreciate her attitude which forced me to leave LV. I think other clients had issues with her as well, so after 2 years she was transferred elsewhere or so I was told.

    LV.FW07.MotardBiker.jpg motardbikerhardware.jpg motardbikerleftrightbottom2.jpg MotardBiker.tabshandles.jpg march202008motardbikeroa9.jpg
  14. LV Monogram Pegase 60

    This size was discontinued soon after I purchased it and is available in 55 due to airline restrictions. Nonetheless, I continue to use it as a carry-on piece, usually with no problems. I don't recommend checking any LV luggage in though because I did this once and I got the biggest black grease mark running from top to bottom, 3 inches wide along the front AND they cut off my LE Miroir Lockit's lock which I had used cuz I couldn't find the one that came with the Pegase. Let me rant about the American airport security officers who are extremely rude. I asked them why they had to open my luggage, because there was NOTHING to be suspicious about. Of course the security guy mumbled something then said they were not looking for anything particular, just that my lock looked "funny" and may have "special features." Then they gave me a handout of locks with "special features" and I was like, "does my lock look like THAT?!?! Are you not aware of Louis Vuitton? The luggage company?!?!" They just had to flip through my stuff for fun. Anyhow, I was not pleased...





  15. LV accessories:

    LV SS06 Monogram Charms Porte-Monnaie in Fuschia

    SS06.Charms.portemonnaie.jpg SS06.Charms.portemonnaie.insidetop.jpg Jan4.2007.SS06CharmsPochettePorteMonnaie.jpg

    LV MC Bookmark in White


    LV Mono Cles

    Cles loser.jpg