Ceaning Denim Transfer OFF Cotton Carly???

  1. Hi Everyone,
    I have read through severl threads about cleaning denim transfer off a leather bag or getting denim transfer from a Coach denim bag but I didn't find anything to help me so here is my problem....

    I have a new Signature Cotton Carly, which is chocolate and off-white. I have only used it a couple times and today I noticed some denim transfer from my jeans onto the off-white sections. Is there a way to clean this AND is there a way to protect it from happening again (other than not wearing jeans....lol) ?

  2. Some people like to try a clean eraser. If that doesn't work maybe some diluted oxyclean since it is cotton. I know it takes out ink.
  3. Thanks!
    I had read that people use the white eraser for leather but I wasn't sure about the cotton. It's worth a try.

    I was also hoping there was something I could spray it with to form a 'protective' layer so it wouldn't happen again...does this exist for cotton?

    (sorry for the typos in my original post....in a hurry I guess)

    Thanks for all your help!!!
  4. I was told by the SAs in the Coach Boutique to use unscented baby wipes to clean the cotton signature fabric. I would try this on a small area first to see what the effect is.
  5. I have the jade cotton and my jeans transferred. My manager used soap and a damp paper towel and cleaned it off of mine. It will look yellow when it's wet, but will dry and look good as new.
  6. I have the large Cotton Chocolate Carly and have had to continuously clean it! Here is what I have found:

    Dark denim is the worst culprit and cannot be taken off completely...so I just stopped wearing my skirt and jeans that are dyed dark
    Unscented baby wipes work the best
    Shout wipes spread the dirt/dye around and actually make it worse
    Try not to touch the top inside, by the zipper, every time you open the bag as it gets dirty quickly

    I bought a portable package of unscented baby wipes to keep in my car so I can wipe it down periodically.
    With all that being said, I love the look of my bag, but probably wouldn't buy it again because of the dirt issue.
  7. I have used unscented baby wipes in conjunction with a Mr Clean Eraser with great luck on signature jacquard. You have several good ideas above to work with. Keep the Mr Clean Eraser sponge in mind if they don't work.
  8. i wore my cotton sig satchel today and Gasp noticed in the grocery store that my jeans were rubbing off onto it!

    First thing I thought was "i gotta check tpf!" LOL you gals saved me, and I am off to clean it up :smile: