C'è qualche italiano? (there's some italians?)

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  1. come da titolo.... qualche italiano in questo meraviglioso forum?
    there's some italians in this beautyfull forum?
  2. Yoohoo! S'mom! Paging S'mom!
  3. Benvenuto al lato arancione:heart:
  4. Hello, welcome :heart:
    I am not Italian , My Grandfather was, My Grandmother was Maltese
  5. I am half...does that count??!!
  6. ciao e benvenuto eh?
  7. che bello! nn sono solo! qualcuno mi spiega cosa significa quello che ha scritto hermesgropie?
    thank you!
  8. Hey, no fair, can we have subtitles? Memo to myself: I must learn a language!Lol!x
  9. LOL!!! I am Italian, BUT rules of the forum...you must post in English!!!
  10. Not a bit Italian but welcome!
  11. LMAO!!! Kellybag, this is what makes you a great mod!!!
  12. Hehe. S'mom is Italian. You have to meet her. She's a hoot!
  13. an...ok excuse me... i asked to bordelle ho is s'mom.... You are ever been in italy?