Ce leopard skinnys

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  1. Hey ladies, just wanted to get collective thoughts here! Are these a YAY OR NAY and what top should I wear with them if they are a yay!

    I ordered these from Saks and it's the light gray wash and I feel like black doesn't look right? Maybe I'm weird!! Any ideas!?

  2. I got the same ones in a burgundy color. I would pair it with a drapery white tee or shirt for late summer and you could wear it with black shirts or blazer when it gets cooler. A chunky sweater and boots would be good too.
  3. Love these. I would do a red silk button down or a purple silk button down. I would wear with sleeves rolled up now and down latter
  4. I saw those! They were cute too! I want the darker pair for black tops! Thanks for the help! I was thinking maybe a white and gray top! Idk! What's you thoughts on this or is it to much?

    I couldn't find the gray color online but with TW light gray as oppose to the gold shown here


    I thought about a bright color myself! After posting this I find these two looks I LOVE. What's your thoughts on this?


  5. Yes, red would look great with the gray. Don't worry about being too matchy with your top. Gray is a great neutral. White, black, red, and blue would all look good with those pants.
  6. I really like the fushia for the summer. I actually almost bought the jeans in the pic :smile: let us know what you decide
  7. I wouldn't wear them myself (not my style) but I think you made a great choice choosing grey over black; I can't really even imagine what black with leopard print would like. Anyway the jeans instantly reminded me of a photo of Carine Roitfeld:

    And here's a picture of Geraldine Saglio (also from the Vogue Paris team) wearing leopard jeans (albeit not grey):

    I hope that helps!

    (Edit: Somehow my photos aren't showing up so I just put them as links; sorry about that!)
  8. I have these so it's a yay for me..