CDN girls and boys, question about let-trade

  1. i am interested in purchasing from let-trade eventually, but am wondering if any of you have had to pay customs or anything when receiving the bag? just curious if i have to factor that amount in with the total of the purse. thanks!! :wlae:
  2. I have only purchased from them once (it was a great, easy, fast transaction and am very happy w/ my beautiful lilac St. Tropez) and i was not required to pay customs. : )
  3. I've also purchased from let-trade and had zero problems. Item came super-fast and didn't go through customs. They are great sellers and if you buy from their website, the shipping is already included.

    Sometimes it's kind of a 'hit or miss' with Canada Customs, occasionally some things get hung up and I have to pay, but more often than not, they arrive at my doorstep with no issues.

    Good luck!

    PS I also live in Canada.
  4. Generally no.. IF customs does open your package and "guesses" the amount, there's always the off chance you can claim it back by giving them the actual invoice.

    Customs is pretty much beyond the control of let-trade but he always does a good job with everything !
  5. I bought a Speedy 25 last year and paid 20$ in customs.
  6. Depends on how the seller ships, I've never worked with let-trade, but if a seller ships USPS express normally there aren't any customs because they are not as strict as those darn couriers!
  7. You guys are sooooo lucky. Customs always grabs everything on me and I nearly always have to pay. It's only the rare parcel that gets thru without me having to pay them anything.
  8. let-trade always marks the value lower to minimize possible customs fees. The one time I purchased from them and had my bag shipped I paid $11 in customs. The other time I was in Hong Kong, so I did a pick up.