CDG - cheaper?


Apr 23, 2007
Is the Hermes shop at Charles de Gaulle much cheaper than the mothership and does it have any Evelyne bags in stock?

Am heading to Paris in September and am considering splurging on an Evelyne but would hate to pay extra euros if I could get the same bag duty free! :graucho:

Also, do they both have lots of colours for the Evelyne (I know the Birkin and Kelly bags are like gold dust and you get what they have) but is there a larger selection for the Evelynes?

So excited as this will be the second time in Paris this year (was stranded at Paris back in March en-route to Valencia for 6 hours but never had time to do much shopping - whistle stop tour of Notre Dame etc then back to the airport!) Promised we'd get back there and managed to get a great deal at the International Dream Hotel near Disneyland Paris (near La Vallee discount village) so should be brilliant - though my bank manager might not speak to me again:wtf:


J'adore Hermes
Dec 16, 2006
I go to the Hermes store at Nice airport and the prices are the same as the store in Nice so I suspect that will be the same for CDG and Paris. I have found though that it is fractionally cheaper to buy in France rather than the UK, once you worked out the pound price for the euros, eg I worked out a scarf would be about 15 pounds cheaper bought in France rather than the UK. If you have a look at the French website on, you can calculate the pound for euro price, unless I'm doing it wrong, it is a bit cheaper in France unless of course you start adding on the cost of the flights etc, LOL.