CDC waiting list?

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  1. Hi all I've just recently started getting into bracelets and have seen the CDC bracelet on many celebs, so I decided to get one for myself. But when I went to the store today, the SA told me that there is a waiting list for these. I was pretty surprised! Waiting lists were for Birkins were they not? And even then it's easier to get Birkins than before. SO I asked how long it would take for them to get these bracelets in and she replied that she doesn't know. Not even a estimated guess or anything! I feel like she was being quite belittling, as if she's thinking duh doesn't this girl know anything? Because she sure was using that tone with me. I also asked if maybe another location would have more since I would be going to NYC later this month, but she just kept saying that the company's having a shortage with these. I was pretty upset and she really wasn't being helpful. UGH! So what do you guys think? Would the boutiques in NYC have more? And did you guys that own a CDC have to go on a waiting list for one?

    OH and btw I went online and found the brown with gold hardware for sell, how rare can it be if it's on the website?
  2. It is true that they are rare, just like most things with Hermes! Eventho' you may find them online occasionally; its not always there and you absolutely will not have the full range available, quantity is very limited and they get sold very quickly.
  3. Unfortunately, there is a waitlist for the CdC, KDT, KDs - basically everything that isn't displayed on shelves. However, you have to be persistent, keep going to the H store and keep at it. Persistence pays. I was at the Singapore H store a month ago and yes, everything had a waitlist....and just to share with you, I was after an H belt, and a sweet SA was helping me. An older, more experienced SA interjected that the buckle kit I was after was sold-out and went on about how difficult they are to get. So I smiled and had my sweet SA get me a variety of colours and sizes so I may try them - another guy overhears me lamenting that I wanted only the smaller H belt and he instructs her to follow him and TA-DAH! My belt arrives, like magic *rolls eyes*.
  4. it depends which one you are looking for. i have gotten all 3 of my CDCs without a waiting list. I have either learned that a store has one (from here) or had my SA do a company-wide search for one. if you're not picky, you can just try calling stores till you find one. you may also have better luck in nyc. i saw a few at madison about a month ago.
  5. I was at the NYC boutique (Madison Ave) yesterday and they had 3 CDCs in the display case inside (black with PH, dark brown with PH, and a taupe color (perhaps etoupe?) also with PH).
  6. I think they are very rare if you have a specific color or skin in mind. Regular colors like black and brown pop up every once in a while. My local store hasn't had any in quite some time. Don't feel bad OP, because I am a very good customer and they had no more information for me than what you received. They said they are hoping that they will be getting more inventory once the August French holidays are over. Good luck -- the advice about calling stores is a good one. You might try the non-corporate stores too.
  7. There is a black one with PH on right now -- on the U.S. online boutique page.
    Good luck!!!
  8. I'd just go around the SA altogether if you really want one. I can't stand poor service.

    Bookmark this page and visit it regularly to see if one pops up. I have seen black, brown and orange pop up in the last few weeks. There is currently a brown one available in size large.

    I also use the live help (on the customer service page of the website) to locate items. Just ask them if they can locate a particular color in a store for you. If they don't have it available, check back in a few weeks. All you have to do is call the store and have them ship it to you.

    That's how I got my kelly dog bracelet!
  9. Thanks for the responses! They are so helpful! Now do these come in different sizes? I opted for the rivale in small in the Mykonos color,but realize it's too big so I'm an XS. Also I'm not picky with the CDC, I'll take any color that had gold hardware.
  10. Yes there are different sizes.

    If you don't have a colour preference then don't worry too much, I also was told that there was a long wait but I kept popping into shops to ask for one and now have quite a little collection!
  11. you will want the small size.