CDC vs Kelly Dog?

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  1. Which would you prefer? :heart:

    2018-12-09 22.23.04.jpg 2018-12-09 22.23.11.jpg
  2. Each looks great on you!

    I own both but prefer CDC. During summer, I wear KD more often as they are lighter.

    Get the one you like best.... you’re the one wearing it. Enjoy!
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  3. It really is personal preference. I like the CDC because I don't love the kelly dog closure sticking up.
  4. Cdc
  5. Kelly Dog annoyed me. The KD is nice but for me it turns around on my wrist when in action. If I make it tighter, the clasp sticks up.
    CDC all the way... plus RGHW is divine!
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  6. CDG
  7. CDC!!!
  8. CDC! I also don’t like how the KD sticks out. And I like the tiny jingling of the circle clasp on the CDC... I don’t wear a lot of jewelry that “jangles” so CDC is my one tiny indulgence :smile:
  9. CDC, hands down. CDC!
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  10. I wear both, so I don't have a preference. I have to say the CDC that you posted looks AMAZING with your Chanel!
  11. Cdc for this color! Kelly dog for a deeper ruching tone color.
  12. I like both. I can wear the KD to work, but not the CDC as it’s pretty chunky and rock. For going out, I love the CDC.
  13. Another one for CDC hands down!!!!!! KD hardware also annoyed me because it never stayed up and always flipped down because of gravity...
  14. Love the CDC more but Kelly Dog is easier to wear if you work on a keyboard or laptop.
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  15. CDC gets my vote too!