CDC & Medor Cuffs....same thing?

  1. just to verify...are they the same item, diff name?

    if not...pls post pics. TIA:heart:
  2. The cuff is called the collier de chien. Medor items traditionally have just the pyramidal hardware only, without the slide closure, such as the watch. It's causing some confusion right now that the new clutch is called the Medor and not the CDC, but back in the 80's there was a collier de chien bag with hardware similar to what we know as the Medor, so they probably dubbed the new bag the Medor to avoid confusion. AnHermesLover has a Medor cuff. Post #1, 2nd picture, near the bottom, orange with gold hardware:
  3. Thanks for the explanation, HG. :shame:
  4. thanks hermesgroupie:smile: for sharing your most valued information:heart:

    cdc is way much better than the medor.
  5. As always, that is a matter of opinion! For someone who has a very small wrist and cannot pull off the cdc - the medor bracelet is perfect. I have three medor bracelets and adore them!
  6. ^^ I agree, between the two, the Medor would be more 'me'.
  7. I like the idea of the medor (though i LOVE the CDC) i think the one pyramid on the medor is lonely and needs more to feel more completed?
    9hence why i like the medor watch more)