CDC maintenance issue

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  1. A quick maintenance question...I notice that when I try to slide the hoop over the belt closure of my cdc bracelet, it creates rub marks and scratches on the hardware...does it happen to everyone? Also, can these scratches on the hardware of accessories be polished/cleaned by Hermes just as the ones on the bags? Thanks
  2. I have noticed this too and also the the whole closure on the medor clutch can scratch the skin/leather underneath the metal part.:s
  3. No one else had this problem? Did I ruin it :wtf:
  4. foxie, I have not had a problem with deep scratches on my CDCs. Some minor surface rubs, basically, and what I do is just polish them with my jeweler's polishing cloth that the jewelry stores will give you or you can buy them. It does not eliminate them entirely but it does restore the shine to the metal and helps blend in little marks or surface scratches.

    It's my feeling that any kind of metal like that is bound to scratch from time to time. It just one of those things that happens when you wear jewelry. I don't like it, but.....
  5. Yea...I guess...the loop covers the scratches so no one can see anyway...just gonna have to enjoy it either way :lol:
  6. I havent noticed scratches there, i notice a smilie developing front from the round piece as it sways but i think its unavoidable. i wish it didn't happen though. I find that the slidey piece leaves a imprint on the leather lining and makes the CDC look really used when it isnt. Well doesn't matter quite yet im not planning on selling mine anytime soon.
  7. foxie pooh I did that when I received mine,fresh out of the box when I tried it on for the very first time:Push: I slid the sliding loop too high up & it scratched the hardware:wtf:, of course when it is worn it is not visible. Would have appreciated an accompanying instruction pamphlet! So warning to potential CDC cuff owners, please don't slide the closure loop too far up, just lightly off the leather is enough!
  8. Just bought my first hermes item yesterday at the Las Vegas boutique store. I had been obsessing over the CDC and I found one that is ombre lizard ... and guess what? As I was anxiously adjusting the bracelet to the smallest setting, i scratched the hardware with the slidey thing. Please help!! i know this thread is old but I'm sure you have found out by now how to repair the scratches... or maybe should I just learn to live with the scratches?
  9. 0apple0, we're twins. Just received mine thursday. Isn't it amazing? As for scratches, it's part of wear and tear, just like the scratches on the hardware of my birkins. Don't worry so much about it, enjoy it. with or without scratches, it looks fabulous on, right?
  10. Yes it looks fab!! I'm normally a gold hardware kinda girl but I couldn't resist when I tried it on yesterday. I guess I just have to live with the scratches hahaha
  11. I could not agree more.......... :biggrin:
  12. I think we can't avoid skratches on the hardware so, I agree, just enjoy it! :smile:

    The first skratches are the one you notice more but, like for birkins and kellys, after a while you get used to it and don't notice it anymore.
  13. 0apple0, if you're a gold kind of gal, you should get the black lizard with GHW too. I just got that one on thursday too. My SA said H is running out of lizard supply and it's getting harder to get, so I snapped the ombre and the black while they're still out there.

    BTW, Sydspy, you are an inspiration in the CDC/stack department, I love everything you own, and love your fun quirky pictures. So cute. I'm a fan.
  14. Thank you Thank you..........:blush:
  15. I'm just waiting for my first H item (a CDC Homme) to arrive (soo excited) but I'm just wondering does the ring on the front leave any marks on the hardware as it moves ?