CDC bracelet size?? help me plzzz

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  1. I really want to buy CDC normal leather&silver hardware but the thing is I remembered trying CDC on in Hermes store in Japan but It didn't fit me. It was a bit too small. So my question is "Does CDC(normal leather) come in one size?" plzzz help me I really want it soo bad:pout: Its like my life-time wish-list:confused1:. Im going to Paris in a month so I really look forward to buying it. Thanksss soo much in advancee;)

    Ps. If u guys happen to know CDC(normal leather) in Paris store I'd realy appreciate it
  2. I'm pretty sure all CDC are one size. Even the Shadow/Gaine CDC. Sorry to hear about your frustration. You'll just have to give it another try when you're at the store next.
  3. I have two,leather CDC's and they only came in one size.
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    Standard CDC comes in one size, however the Gaine CDC and all Silver CDC comes in S, M and L................I do know this as I own one Gaine and One silver, both are in Large size......... and I really wish that the standard CDC did come in different sizes so that they would fit me........:P

    I just wanna make you droll even are pictures of my CDC....if the leather CDC does not fit you, perhaps you should consider these two alternatives .............



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  5. Sydspy is right; (Btw gorgeous gaine CDC!!!) I tried the small gaine and it was still way to big for me so the medium or large should fit you. My normal CDC's are all the same size.
  6. Thanky you! Love this data! All the cdcs I've tried are way too big - look silly on my wrist as they just slip and slide around.
  7. sydspy auuugh i love those CDCs! :drool:
  8. Sydspy, love your graine CDC!
  9. thxxxx so much for help u guys
    Im gonna get that Gaine CDC i mean what a stunning bracelet luv luv luv

  11. Just one that silver cdc super-heavy???
  12. The CDC is available in a NEW men's size on usa!
  13. yep, super heavy..........:biggrin:

    thanks castorny..........I am glad that H has brought out a Men size CDC..........:P
  14. Wow CDC in men's size - where can I get one from ? I've just tried on the US and can't see it ! Am I too late ? Please help....