CDC Bracelet. Keep?

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  1. Picked this up. Wasn't really looking for white but I think the gold hardware is rare so I took it. Is it a keeper? Or return for credit and use towards something later? Thanks in advance! :smile:
  2. I just bought the same one too!! I'd say keep it because ghw is hard to find!
  3. keep!
  4. Keep it why not??
    White with gold is such a rare find
    Easy to match as well
  5. We are twins, I own nothing else white, but it ended up being by go to piece the entire summer. I was surprised by the amount of wear I got out of it, and it still looks great. Keep!
  6. I would say that it is a keeper, love the ghw on it. But you are the one who has to love it, otherwise it's too much money for something you don't love. Why are you having doubts about it?
  7. I say keep! I think white really shows off the grain and texture of Hermes leather beautifully. And how it glints/shines in the sun or bright lighting is really quite special.
  8. must keep^
  9. Keep! White with gold is stunning! :smile:
  10. Definitely a keeper!
  11. Keep for sure :smile:
  12. Do you mind sharing where you bought it?
  13. U can find it at as white with phw in Epsom is available in all size
  14. I know.
  15. Well, there has to be a reason why you are doubting it.
    This is a popular and favourite combination for a lot of people.
    But you're the one who has to like it.
    If you are uncertain if you like it or not, make a pro and con list for yourself perhaps ?