cdc belts, a new addiction

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  1. CDC belts... I just love them with everything
    038.JPG 039.JPG 040.JPG 042.JPG
  2. more
    043.JPG 046.JPG 050.JPG 051.JPG 052.JPG
  3. LOVE! especially the silvery grey and the dark grey. Great choices!! Are they adjustable or just come in different sizes?
  4. Yes they are adjustables, just like the bracelets.
    The colors are white, etain, black:smile:
  5. love your cdc belt collection costa. i tried on a rouge casaque epsom ghw recently..was gorgeous but alas, it was too big for me!!
  6. Gorgeous! Can you tell me if they are best worn on top of a garment, or do they work with belt loops on pants?

    I love the etain! Lucky girl :smile:
  7. Thanks for the info. Sorry I got the colors wrong but always learning ☺
  8. Costa, I am so much with you !

    I love my CDC belts as well. I have a modest collection of those , from the 80's and 90's, all with gold hdw, though.

    I love wearing them high waist....may be old school, but well I heard that the 80's are back in fashion...
    They really make a statement without saying a word ;)

    I am always reluctant to wear a CDC belt + a H bag, though... How do you manage that on your side ?
  9. They look fantastic n stunning
    Nice collection
  10. Omg gorgeous make me want one too :P

    Congrats Costa :smile:
  11. I have never worn them with belt loops on pants, I don't think thre would fit...

    I wear Hermes bags everyday, so I do it wear them together:P. I don't wear cdc belt + cdc bracelet though.
    I too love wear them high waist;)

    Thank you!:smile:

    Thank you, I have seen many in the shops in these days:smile:
  12. I love your grey one! Makes me what to post my collection too
  13. Oh my....please do. Many of us, CDC belt lovers would love to drool over your collection:biggrin:
  14. love your collection! i have been wanting to get one recently. i especially love the etoupe? one!
  15. I love your collection!