Cdc Belt Help

  1. I found there is a 70cm available and an 80 but no 75cm.

    I want a black box cdc with gold HW.

    I measured my true waist and its right around 70cm.

    would I bet safe waiting for a 75cm?
  2. GG, I have a mini CdC box leather belt that is 75cm, so they definitely do exist. Or, at least they did exist. Mine is about three or four years old. I would wait for the right size.
  3. that is odd. it seems like that a good size.

    I think 70cm could work but might long term but a bad size and 80cm will be too big....humph.
  4. This may sound crazy but maybe it's a good idea to call a H boutique in Asia or southern Europer where ladies are generally petite and therefore clothes come in small sizes :smile:
  5. GG, if you come across an 85 in your search, please let your chubby pf sista over here know! :smile:
  6. 85 is chubby? holy harvard i'm a heifer.
  7. you ain't no chubby! (see the southern talking here)

    I am going to try on the 80cm first and if it doesn't fit do a global search.

    also...since its that time between spring final pieces trickling in...and fall starting to come in...I can wait to see if a 75cm comes in later in the stores, etc.

    but for now..I sit until I go to the city that has the 80cm belt just to see.
  8. I have seen black box 75 here in Madrid and BCN store.
    However, I just bought a constance and I went for size 85, though my true waist size would be a 70. Who carries the belt in the real waist? Most of my jeans and trousers, even if I consider those for work come a bit low at the waist where it's usually a bit bigger

    I know I will be a 75 if I want to wear it higher or an 80 if I want to wear it lower.

    I can get an 80....but not a 75...

    cna I request some CDC belts in action.....

    you know I will post a new thread for that...
  10. RC, are you sure we're not twins separated at birth and all that??:nuts::nuts: except...that I was born years before you were?????

    That doesn't make ANY sense, anyway.:nogood:
  11. I do the real waist thing, artemisa, belts feel funny to me when they're not at my real waist. Strange even......on top of that, I'm so short waisted and it's hard for me to find jeans that come up to my true waist.....