CCO Wishlists (mods - please sticky?)

  1. Mods - if we can sticky this it would be great!

    Femme Fi from Neo Sci Fi
    Heatherette Trio 2, Pink Pearl, any of the lipsticks and lipglasses.
    Fafi Eyes 1
    Port Red lipstick (hahah) from NN
    Any of the red tendertones from this past collection.

    Hooray us!
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    Lookin for:

    Sock Hop Heatherette Lipglass
    Style Minx Heatherette Lipglass
    Heatherette Trio #2
    Comet Blue Dazzleglass

    FINGERS CROSSED someone finds these for me.
  3. Great thread! Will be fun to help our fellow tPF MAC enablers!
  4. Dang, I want a CCO here!
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    MAC Dazzleglass: I am looking for one or two in either of these colors LOL not all of them cuz that would be waaay too many!

    • Comet Blue, Funtabulous, Ms. Fizz, Baby Sparks, Money Honey, Rags to Riches, Spanking Rich, Steppin’ Out, Glamour O.D., or Like Venus

    Tendertones: I am looking for one or two in any of these colors (sweet tooth, pucker, or hot n saucy)
  6. I'm going to the CCO in Leesburg saturday so I will be printing this entire thread LoL & bringing it w/ me. should we keep chatter to a minimum to make it a little bit easier? idk
  7. erm....... what's a CCO?
  8. It's an outlet :smile: MAC for 30% off.

  9. at my local CCO they have 2 Heatherette lipsticks and 2 lipglasses. or atleast 2 weeks ago they did.. lol

    [Leesburg,VA outlet]
  10. ^Ugh too bad I am 3000 miles away! Haha
  11. looking for:
    Corn Shadestick
    Crimsonaire Shadestick [my other one broke :'(]
    heatherette beauty powder in any shade
    3-D glass in 3-D
  12. I am going to my CCO in Williamsburg, VA Saturday-I'll let you all know what I find!!! (Possibly they have the same stuff as the Leesburg, VA CCO?) I'm soooo excited right now-I keep telling myself-just get through work today and tomorrow, then you can go get some MAC...LOL!
  13. Thanks! I clearly don't have one around me for me to know :roflmfao:
  14. i'm looking for any and all dazzleglasses!
  15. Oops and Sea Me shadestick!