CCMoiselle's very own Thread! Bags & Shoes!

  1. So I actually have been a member of the forum for about 3 years but just recently changed my Username b/c I felt as though my original name was not private enough. I have been wanting to make my own thread so here we go!

    I'll start off with my very very beloved Chanels.

    ITB Red Flap
    Jumbo Taupe Patent Flap
    Jumbo Black Caviar Flap with SHW
    M/L Flap Black Caviar with GHW
    WOC Black Caviar with SHW
    ***Not Pictured is my Black Caviar GST with SHW***

    Whole Family Pic (without my GST---I'll post her later!)
    ITB Red Model.png Jumbo black model.jpg ML GHW Model.jpg model WOC.jpg Taupe Jumbo Model.jpg Chanel Family.jpg
  2. Next are my LV's and a couple of modeling pics!

    Speedy 30 Damier Ebene
    Speedy 30 Damier Azur
    Speedy 30 Monogram
    Eva Damier Ebene
    LV Family
    Speedy Family
    Epi Electric Zippy Wallet
    neverful.jpg neverful model.jpg speedy damier.jpg speedy model.jpg speedy azur.jpg speedy mono.jpg Eva.jpg LV Family WMed.jpg speedys.jpg Epi Electric wallet.jpg
  3. LV Continued...

    My LV Leopard Stole.
    LV Scarf.jpg Scarf Model.jpg
  4. My Gucci Bags! And my only Marc Jacobs

    Gucci Sukey with Teal Trim
    Gucci Hobo (dont know the name) with Grey Handle
    Marc Jacobs Stam - Navy Patent
    Model Sukey.jpg Model Hobo Gucci.jpg 2 Gucci Bags.jpg MJ Model.jpg MJ bag.jpg
  5. Now onto the shoes...

    Here are my Christian Louboutins.

    Black Patent Simple
    Purple Patent RonRon
    Vernice Patent Ronron
    Nude Patent (dont know the name)...haha
    CL Simple.jpg Purple RonRon.jpg Vernice RonRon.jpg NudePatent.jpg CL Family.jpg
  6. And last but certainly not least are my Manolos.

    Flower Sedarby
    Red Satin Sedarby
    Silver Cheetah Sedarby
    Leopard Sedarby
    Nude Patent MaryJane
    Sedarby Flowers.jpg Red Sedarbt.jpg Silver Cheetah Sedarby.jpg Leopard Sedarby.jpg Patent MaryJane.jpg MB Family.jpg
  7. Thats all for now! I will add pics of my GST and LV Evora hopefully tonight or tomorrow. Thanks for looking! I hope you enjoy---I know I certainly do!
  8. ooh love everything in your collection! Gorgeous shoecollection!:love:
  9. Love your collection!! Nice!!!! :smile:
  10. Very classic pieces! Thanks for sharing!
  11. Great collection... I really like those red Manolos... cute!
  12. Lovely collection and :drool: over your Manolos!
  13. Beautiful collection - I love your LV stole!
  14. ooh beautiful collection! IN LOVE with your Chanels. :biggrin:

  15. Wow! Gotta be super ...... collector to own these many.....