CCbagaholic, getting married in TWO DAYS!!

  1. OMG, our member CCbagaholic is getting married in TWO DAYS!! :nuts: :nuts: :nuts:
    CC, how are you holding up?? Everything falling into place??

    I'm so excited for you :love: :love:
  2. Oh my gosh! Congratulations! Where's the honeymoon? ;)
  3. But more importantly, what kind of bag/purse/clutch are you taking!!!! :biggrin:
  4. Congratulations!!!! Best wishes!!!
  5. Congrats! I hope the wedding is wonderful and that you and your (soon to be!) DH have many happy years together :love: :nuts:
  6. congrats!
  7. Congrats and all the best to you both!
  8. Congrats :]
  9. Oh I remember I just loved that feeling! When it gets closer, I'm not sure of everyone else, but I got a lot calmer...that is, until my engagement ring and wedding ring got lost 2 hrs before the ceremony!!
  10. How wonderful. Relax, stay calm, (which Im sure you will) and savor every moment. I will feel like it was a dream months down the road. But a very beautiful one. Congradulations to both of you!!
  11. Congratulations CCbagaholic! Wish you two many happy years together!
  12. congrats =)
  13. thanks for telling us, swedie!

    congrats to ccbagaholic!!
  14. Congrats! I know you'll look beautiful!
  15. Congrats!!