CC solicitation in mail...

  1. I'm considering opening a new CC where I can get 0% interest till March 2007 (and paying off the balance by then to incur no interest charges). I rec'd a solicitation in the mail w/this info and was going to process it online. If I do, does that mean they run a credit check on me, OR since I got this in the mail does it mean I'm already approved and just have to say I want it :shame:

    Not sure how this all works. Thanks!
  2. Does it say you have been pre-approved for up to a certain amount? If not they will run your credit. I believe if you have been pre-approved, the hard part is already over.
  3. When I was looking for cars they ran my credit so many times at different places that I hate to run it again. It's ruining my rating! No, it doesn't have an approval amount on it :sad: Bummer, that means they'll have to run it!
  4. Yeah they will. Bummer about your credit being ran so much. It really seems unfair than it lowers your rating especially when trying to make a car purchase. Good luck to ya. I'll bet this was for your magenta 1st. right?
  5. I would say don't do it. Really,it's a bottomless pit. If you don't have the money for something now,it's highly unlikely you'll have it in 3 months' time or that you'll cancel the card then.

    Rather save for 3 months...:shame: ...without the risk of seeing something else equally tempting in the meantime...
  6. I'll have to think about it as it wouldn't be much and I'd plan on paying it off --> but you know how that goes, something always comes up!