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  1. The other day i got the most amazing new tote. [​IMG]
    Is by CC SKYE. You can buy it at The reason i love this tote so much is it can be more than just a tote for you. I am a mom, and this bag has enough room for all my stuff, plus the baby stuff. Its very spacious and just looks great with everything. The gold belt can be left on the bag or taken off and paired with a hot pair of jeans.

    This is a must have! Love Love Love it!!!:tup:
  2. very cool!
  3. interesting first post
  4. cool!!! i like cc skye too...
    i want to get this in the future :P
  5. CCSKYE bags are great! most of them are so big! I love being able to put everything i need for an afternoon in one bag and not have to lug around a diaper bag! The month of May, youc an get a great deal at through Lucky Breaks on the lucky magazine site. You can get a discount! :smile: Why not use it on your next ccskye bag

  6. Are you affiliated with that site? It sounds like you're advertising without coming right out and saying you are (it sounds like a cleverly worded sales pitch). Posting about your own site is against tPF rules.
  7. if you are in any way affiliated with chickdowntown, please do not promote the website on our board. if you continue to do so, you'll be banned. the lucky breaks code has already been covered by regular members in our Deals and Steals section. thanks!