CC SKYE Onie lambskin messanger bag

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  1. #1 Sep 29, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 10, 2010

    What do u guys think about this brand and this Purse?? I fell in love with this bag as soon as I saw Olivia Palermo carrying around the London Fashion week.
    Costs $595. Preety decent price when u think of Socialites like Palermo carrying it around!

    They sell it at Bloomingdales but it is very hard to find. Although I reserved one for this weekend...

    xxx not allowed

    Its a fashion blog about me, what I wear, what kind of great deals I find for brands and where they are for how much. Also, about Olivia Palermo.
  2. I thought nobody would be interested. I chanced upon it at shopbob. The only bag I've fancied. Then I realised that it had already been discussed in the Olivia Palermo thread here. The next day I searched Shopbob, it was gone. I like this bag!
  3. I thought the python embossed leather was gorgeous...
    and then the pictures of Olivia Palermo carrying it around were just to die for!
    I already placed an order on
    hoping to get it in November :smile:
  4. Was it in stock at revolveclothing? Or did you do a pre-order or something?

    I have been searching everywhere to no avail :sad: It's just been out of stock everywhere!
  5. I just placed a pre order at and used code people25 and got 25% off. It won't be in until Dec but it was nice to get 25% off. It is on backorder everywhere with the same estimated arrival.
  6. I love it. I think CC Skye bags are wonderful!

    I ordered one once, but returned it ONLY because it was bigger on me than I thought, and didn't fit me in terms of shape. The leather was great and the hardware was definitely top notch. I actually hadn't seen this bag till now, but I'd go for it. :smile: