CC Skye Leather Woven bracelet

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  1. I feel the same way...been looking at one for over a year now but couldn't get myself to actually PAY for it!! haha....if I hadn't seen this thread, I think I was over it now.....

    I believe if you're havin' second thoughts (like I did) then maybe you shouldn't get it...

    May both of us be strong!! haha :smile:
  2. I bought one last August and i seriously wear it about 4 days a week! Unforunatly since it's plated gold the gold has dulled and worn down quite a bit, but i still love it tons. If you really like it then go for it! I looove mine :yes:
  3. I was in your position about 1.5 months ago but I finally caved and bought it after I found a discount code for Testimo (here on tPF!! - search for the other CC Skye threads) a few weeks ago so I ended up paying $200 with free shipping.

    I say if you know you're gonna wear it often, why not??

    And if you couldn't tell, I'm in LOVE with mine. =D
  4. Me too! I have been eyeing this bracelet for over a year b/c i LOVE it. The price is just something i can't justify b/c there is always something else higher on my list that is preventing me from buying it...but, if someone gave this to me for a gift i think i would be over the moon.
  5. I like the chunky look of that bracelet. Too bad it's just gold plated and not real gold. Still cute, though!
  6. Thanks for the great advice ladies! B/c of the positive feedback - I did it...ordered the bracelet... :smile: We'll see.... :smile:
  7. ohh i just saw this thread... i LOVE mine and wear it all the time... i have an aqua one.

    you can find them on sale for around 100... with codes, etc. i've been craving another lately, but the boutique that sells them near my apt. only has red and brown on sale:tdown:
  8. hmmm, yeah, I was really super eager to get one last summer, but I went to a store and found one and the 'gold' seemed really was a single bracelet, not the double the double wrap thinner?
  9. ^ do you mean it seems a little too bright? cause that's what i thought when i saw them. i think it might be hard to match if you're wearing a long dangling necklace or anything else with gold in it just because the CC Skye gold is so much brighter. :/