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  1. Does anyone know anything about CC skye's handbags? I really love the look of the bag and i think its really cool that the chain straps double as bracelets, but I am confused about what style to get? there is a cc skye medium in black and cream on her website for $825, features the same bag for $770, and shopintuition features the cc skye 2 in black for $625. the only real visible difference between the 2 styles are the outer pockets on the cc skye 2 and its dimensions are larger. So why is it less expensive then the smaller one without the pockets? All the stores I have found it on say it is on pre-order for mid dec delivery (dates range from 12/5-12/15) so I havn't been able to come across any owners of this adorable bag yet. Does anyone know anything about these bags? Also, do you think it would be a good investment for a black everday/casual/fun purse? I need an everyday tote that will last me at least 3 months. Are these too trendy? I would appreciate any thoughts...:yes:

    here are the links the the stores with the 2 different styles:

    cc skye medium:
    Label360 - Designer handbags, shoes and accessories. - CC Skye Medium Skye Bag in Black (Pre-order for 12/15)

    cc skye skye 2 handbag:
    CC Skye Skye 2 Handbag - SHOPINTUITION
  2. oh i searched the threads earlier but could not find anything on it before, thank you!

    but do you happen to know the difference between that one and the Skye 2? I can't figure out why the price difference is what it is.....
  3. I think the first one is more slouchy? Look at the way the handles are placed. I like the first one a lot better...the price difference is no good though!
  4. There was a previous thread about it and I really like the fact that you can wear the handles as bracelets!
  5. i love them!!! i really like the 1st one... very cool n funky :P