CC Skye handbag

  1. Heyyyyy :smile:

    does anyone here have this bag??

    It's so cool looking... i'm just a little scared of the price tag... it's a little high IMO... but i'm so attracted to it!



  2. I like the idea that the handles double as a bracelet. :smile: But no, I haven't seen it IRL.
  3. i never seen it IRL, but been looking the pictures a lot on my computer :p
    i think it's gorgeous!!!
  4. I think it's super cute, but wouldn't buy it. I own one of the bracelets and the the gold plating has people severely rubbed off after time. For that money, i wouldn't want the hardware on a bag changing!
  5. ^^ yea... i think the price is a bit high for what it is...