cc skye bracelet - not sure what to believe...

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  1. hi! i purchased a cc skye bracelet on ebay this week, for about $25 off retail. the seller seemed pretty legit and had good feedback. i paid immediately and the shipping was fast. today, i received the item and something felt "off" about the weight, size, angles. i have the same bracelet in another color (from Shopbop) and pulled it out to compare to this one. the cc skye logo isn't in the same size font, and the corners are rounded instead of pointy, on the bracelet i just received. it also sits differently on the wrist.

    i messaged the seller via eBay, explaining my discoveries and requesting a return. i was very polite but firm. a few minutes later my cell rang, but i didn't recognize the number so let it go to voicemail. i soon got a notification from eBay that it was the seller who had requested my contact info. a bit later i got an email, not a response via eBay message. the email is from the seller's wife - she said her husband just had major surgery and that she is devastated by my allegations bc they buy wholesale from cc skye. she attached an invoice from what appears to be cc skye wholesale (or at least that's what the document says). she said she prob wouldn't sleep all night and that she's never had any problems or complaints, and that I should've looked at the pics online more clearly.

    I don't want to accuse anybody of something they didn't do and I actually feel awful now - I even started to think maybe Shopbop sold me a wonky bracelet! But I still have this odd gut feeling and wonder why the seller (rather, his wife) have called and emailed me personally but haven't communicated via eBay - which I believe is the proper way if you want a record.

    Am I being skeptical and paranoid? Should I just suck it up and keep the bracelet? It was still $100+. I am not sure how to proceed and don't want to be a problem buyer, so any advice/perspective is much appreciated! Thank you!
  2. She's making all the stops on the Guilt Train isn't she? I mean, really? Her husband just had major surgery and she's lying awake at night worrying over you? She's already got you doubting yourself and Shopbop when you have a list of reasons for why you're unhappy. If she was really a legit seller she's going to tell you to send it back, return your money, and write you off so she could concentrate on her husband.

    I'd send her a message through eBay detailing the phone conversation, then reiterate you'd like to settle this without having to file a claim....all you want is your money back with a return.

    Personally, I wouldn't talk to her on the phone again either.
  3. How long ago did you buy your bracelet from Shopbop? I ask because over time, sometimes designers make small changes in an item and it may differ slighly from previous versions of the same item. Its possible that the bracelet you just purchased on ebay is a newer verison and it may be different then the one you have from Shopbop. If you feel strongly that the item is not authentic, you should ask for a return. But if you have doubt, I would look into this.
  4. If you want to communicate with this seller, you should do it via ebay's messaging
    center so that it is on record..

    While it is possible that changes have been made to the bracelet let's say
    from season to season, if you are not happy & will not be happy you should
    return it..

    Furthermore, whatever is going on in someone's personal life should remain that
    personal & don't need to be drawn into that situation

    IF she is a legit seller, she should tell you to return the item for a full refund
    & focus on getting her husband back on the wellness path...
  5. I agree. this seller is trying to guilt you into keeping a bracelet that you do not want. What is this seller's return policy?
    It appears you are questioning authenticity. Is there a possibility to contact cc skye and send a picture? I am unfamiliar with the brand, but maybe you could take it to a jeweler and have it checked out along side your 1st bracelet.

    I would definately keep all contact with her to the Ebay system. can you 'cut andpaste' the email into the ebay system so there is a record of the communication?
    BTW, receipts/invoices can be easily forged.
    I hope you can solve this quickly.