CC SKYE BAGS - Any owners? Thoughts and/or Opinions?

  1. Anyone know anything about CC Skye bags? I've seen them around and have considered them several times. The leather looks very nice - soft and not so heavy. Just wondered whether or not anyone owned one and what your thoughts were? If you don't own, what do you think of the bag anyhow? Are those chain straps removable and/or meant to be worn as a bracelet? Or when they say "bracelet bag" do they mean that it looks like a bracelet when you carry it on your arm?

    I saw this one & kind like it:
  2. I've been wondering the same thing myself. I wish that someone who owns one would respond!
  3. I almost bought one... fengjunk had them on sale for a while.. and someother store also had them for a decent price, I think it was but they are long sold out.

    They were a little expensive, so I only got serious about buying it when I saw it for an OK sale.... and even then, was skeptical and didn't buy.

    I am also curious to see personal photos of a CC skye bag... and to hear about quality
  4. so does any tpfer have one of these bags? i'm thinking to either get the medium skye bag in black or the large one in white (with the side pockets). they look nice with a bit of rocker chic, i just hope the bracelets don't make the bag too heavy!

    any ideas? ;)
  5. I do have the medium black one. IMO the design is 5 star, the leather quality and craftsmanship are very so so, the bracelets are very beautiful. I did not start to use it so I can not comment on the durability of the hardware.

    I got the bag from when it was on sale with deep discount. For a listing price like that it should have been better made, but for the price I paid I don't have a lot to complain.

  6. Oh, the "bracelet" means it comes with two separatable gold-plated double wrap bracelets on each side.

    The bag itself is very light, the only thing you can feel carrying it is the weight of the two bracelets.:smile:
  7. it's so pretty, i don't have it but i love it :yes:

  8. I think I like it too
  9. I have the small leather and the leather is the most amazing buttery soft leather... its fabulous! The links come off and you can use as a bracelet. It's totally worth it as the bracelets go for $285 each.
  10. I have the medium black patent skye bag. My sister-in-law has a 721 bag by CC Skye.

    I really like my bag. The bracelets are a cool idea and fun to wear when I'm not using my bag. I don't use my bag that often, but I haven't had any quality issues. The only thing that bugs me about the bag is that the name plate is blank. I wish it was stamped with the CC Skye logo. The 721 bag has a stamped name plate and I like that better.

    We sold these bags in our shop. All of their leather bags have been really great quality. The only problem we ever had was with their croc stamped leather. It seemed kind of stiff, IMO. Other than that, the leather is really soft and the hardware seems really nice.
  11. well i just purchased a yellow "lucy" bag. it looks really fun! but it doesn't seem extremely popular or well-recognized. i think it's great though, i've been wanting a bright fun bag for going out and about.:shame:
  12. This is a old thread.. bumping it up to see if there are any more CC SKYE owners
  13. I'm bumping this bc I saw such delicious colors and styles of these bags today. I'm thinking of getting in the future and was wondering if anyone could tell me their opinions.
  14. I'm wondering the exact same thing. They have them on sale for 365 at Zappos. The only reason I'm trusting Zappos is because my parents buy really valuable things off of there, and there are all very good quality. I was looking at the Lucy bag in pink or orange, but I'm more into the pink. The leather looks so beautiful and the hardware looks SO BEAUTIFUL. It really does look top quality, but I'd really like to know what I'm going to be getting.