CC Skye Alligator Skye Bag

  1. too many chains for me, but great price :smile: if u like it then go for it
  2. Don't love it, it's a little shiny and flashy, even for myself! If I had to choose, maybe the white.
  3. I like the white best! Be careful with these bags though. We had some of the alligator skye bags in our shop and the leather seemed a little stiff. Just doesn't seem to have the same quality as their regular leather bags. I think the leather skye bags and 721 bags use a higher quality leather.

    But, you can't beat this price, so it's probably worth the investment! I have the skye bag in black patent and love it.
  4. I was looking at this bag, I love the concept!
  5. I like both but the black might wear better.
  6. I like the black - works all year round!
  7. does anyone know where i can get the best deal for the lambkin leather medium in black ? thanks :smile:
  8. I just bought the black and its being shipped out... I was also concerned about the croc leather being stiff so i hope it turns out good
  9. It's not my favorite.