CC Payment currency question?

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  1. I just thought I should bring this up in case this is unknown to others... It wasn't to me until I actually purchased something on my credit card.

    When I paid my belt kit, the cc machine gave me the option of paying in US or Euros. I chose US even though my card doesn't charge a transaction fee but I am wondering if I should have chosen euros instead?

    Here is the run down on my bill:

    642 euros
    $740 USD

    Exchange rate showed .86 on the dollar on Hermes receipt.

    Anyone knows the best option or if it doesn't matter?
  2. It's always best to chose to pay in the local currency for a more favorable rate. This has been mentioned a few times on some of the shopping threads. :smile:
  3. I never saw anything about this before; I must have missed it. Anyway, Lesson learned! Thank you for the replies, will do euros from now on!
  4. Thank you for your thread. Ill be travelling in a few weeks and will keep this in mind shopping!
  5. It also depends on the card. My Macy's Amex doesn't ask and defaults to local currency. However, my Sears MasterCard asks and I always choose Euros.
  6. Always pay in the international currency.

    Visa & Mastercard gives you the option to pay in your home currency, but as soon as you do, youre hit with the DCC charge which can be 1 to 3% of purchases.

    Amex doesnt give you the choice of currency to pay in:smile:
  7. I always choose local currency
    It's better
  8. Local currency for sure. Anywhere you are.
  9. Years ago I was told by a very well travelled businessman to always pay in the local currency. That way you will be able to complain to your home credit card if you disagree with the currency conversion rate and should have no additional fees.

    Apparently he routinely complained to get a more favourable exchange rate.

    I've never needed to query a currency exchange yet.
  10. Local currency is best...

    To check, at FSH the cost for both local and home currency is shown together with the option to confirm either one and I always check the cost for home currency and compare with what I eventually get charged on my CC statement.

    So far, local currency always works out better, I was able to save almost £2xx versus the € when I purchased my Kelly in Feburary thus year.
  11. Always pay in the local currency if your credit cart does not charg you a foreign transaction fee

  12. Significant savings!
  13. Here's the story. If they offer you to pay in your home country, the only time you should do it is if your credit card charges more than a 3% foreign transaction fee. When you select to pay in your home currency, you will have to sign 2 cc slips. One of them is for the currency conversion and it says in small print on this slip that they are charging a 3% fee.

    The first time it was offered to me, I asked the SA if there was any difference or fee...I was told "no". Then I read the little slip and was livid.

    If your card charges more than 3%, it would be worth it. If not, stick to local currency..
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