CC Logo Crystal Mini/Small Earrings Cost & Pics???

  1. Can anyone tell me if these are still available and also what the price is for these earrings? Please post pictures of yours and if you have some of you wearing them. I really want to get a better idea of the size and pricing. Thanks so much!!!!
  2. I suggest you contact a Chanel boutiqe. The small ones are $195 and the larger ones are $225.The can have them shipped to you and you know they are real. I am getting ready to get a pair from the boutique a Tysons Corner, VA so I know they have them. You can check Saks or Neimans if you are close to Atlanta.
  3. Hey ladies, how do you clean these earrings, with windex????

    Also, I have to take my pair back to the boutique as the post is coming off :cursing:.