CC log embossed on Coco cabas "vinyl" bag

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  1. I am wondering whether the CC log is embossed only on the front side of the "vinyl" bag. Or is it embossed on both sides?
  2. It should be only on the front.
  3. I second that notion.
  4. On the front only
  5. indeed only front ..wish it was on both sides
  6. Thank you for your replies. One more question! Is it also embossed only on the front for the original leather cabas as well? Why did I see posts talking about wearing the leather bag with a CC medalion front or back?
  7. They mean the CC medallion is hanging on a chain of the handles. So if you wore the bag with the CC outward in your left arm the medallion would be in the front. If you wore it on your right arm the medallion would be in the back. Hope that wasn't too confusing.
  8. Thanks again for the clarification.