CC lock vs mademoiselle lock

  1. which one do you ladies prefer?

    I have two chanels with the CC lock but the more i look at the mademoiselle lock the more i prefer that one.

    i hope to get my next chanel with a mademoiselle lock so can anyone tell me with the re-issue 2.55 bags do they all come in lambskin and no caviar?
  2. I have only got the reissues and love the mm lock. I have not seen any reissues in caviar.
  3. i generally tend to prefer the mademoiselle lock except on the cerf. i love the cc on that one since the bag is so simple on its own.
  4. Funny, I'm the opposite! I love the little CC closure, but the one where I really like the Mademoiselle is on the black Cerf tote! I think it really modernizes the whole bag and enhances the simple design.

    I've never seen the re-issue in caviar either. I love that bag with the mademoiselle closure too - it complements the metallic chain well.
  5. I love the CC lock, but on the reissues, the mademoiselle lock is ok since the bag has the Chanel quilting on it already. I find the Cerf looks best with the CC closure since it is smooth leather / no quilting.
  6. At first I love the mm lock more, that's when I purchased my reissue and the star-stitched flap bag. But now I think it really depends on the style of the bag......I don't think a caviar flap would look as good if they used the mm lock. I love the little cc lock on my east west carviar flap!
  7. I only like the mm lock on the gre re-issue but in all other cases I think the CC lock is really cute especially on my baby sized (mini) classic flap.
  8. I think I like the MM lock more. But I agree with tweetie, that the CC lock looks best on the Cerf tote because it's a simple bag and the CC lock jazzes it up a bit.