cc holder

  1. hi - popping over from another sub-forum. i had a question for you chanel girls. i was in starbucks today and a woman in front of me pulled out the most delicious looking cc holder when she was paying. it was deep blood red and it looked like patent leather, with the CC logo on the front in metal i think - just sitting ontop of the holder in the middle. it was totally flat (not a folding wallet) with a pocket in back and in front, and maybe even one in the middle. i asked and she said it was chanel from a few years back. do they still make this? and if so, how much? thanks to anyone who can help. :flowers:
  2. Hi there! Is this the one you mean? It was around $200 (can't remember the exact price, been doing too much shopping at Chanel!). Sorry about the pic quality: one slot in the front, two at the back and one in the middle. I love mine:love: . Mine is lambskin but I think they also have them in caviar.
    p3.jpg p4.jpg
  3. yes! (hi rose:flowers:) that was what it looked like in terms of shape but it was patent leather shiny deep red - no quilting.
  4. I have not seen the patent leather one, but if you call Stephanie at the Mad Av store she will be able to help you. Alternatively, if it is from a few seasons ago, your best bet is NM/Bloomingdales/Saks.
  5. seriously? i could find an older item at one of those dept. stores? that is fantastic! yes, she said that it was a few years old. at least now i know that there is hope. drat, i have to wait a week to resolve this little lust of mine - leaving for canada this week.

  6. Have fun in Canada:heart:
  7. oh, thank you rose. i might peek here and there for this little cc holder while i'm there. how do you like yours? perhaps at holt renfrew (the canadian nm,Saks,bg equivalent). we leave on thursday.
  8. I love mine for when I take my smaller bags out. It's great in the phone bag too. Definately try the big department stores in Canada, you never know which treasures you may find......have fun hunting!:heart:
  9. thanks for your help. if i find anything - bit IF, i will definitely post when we get back next week.