CC Holder

  1. What do you think. Is it possible to get one of these in carmine?


    cardcase 2.jpg

    (Picures from the reference thread for accessories)

    Oterhwise I just have to buy a makeup clutch. I need something in carmine :p
  2. When I asked for the foldable CC holder (I don`t know how to describe it better, the one that looks just like the Organizer de Poche from LV), they said that one was gonna come in Carmino. So I suspect the ones you`re eyeing will, too!
  3. I believe I saw the first style in Carmino in Venice. But don't quote me because I was in BV heaven and overwhelmed by their plentiful stock!
  4. I like the zip around credit card case, I saw that in the new salmon color, so I would think that one would come in the carmino.