CC Heart Necklace

  1. This might be new this season. The one at auction is authentic. Maybe ask the seller for a picture of the sticker on the side of the box - it will give you the season and the style #, then call the Chanel 800# and they'll find one for you.

  2. wow..Thats too cute!GL findin one..Let us know if u do!
  3. aww that's really cute! let me know if you find out the style number so i can order it too :smile: TIA!
  4. It is cute....I wonder if they make matching earrings????
  5. i love it, but I think she's charging over retail. But I guess most people on eBay have to so nevermind. :rolleyes:
  6. Sooo cute. Anyone know what retail is?
  7. I actually saw this in the Toronto Holt's boutique back in March or April. The CC is the same size as the small CC cyrstal earrings. It retailed for about $215 CAD.

    The crystal heart actually shines a lot more than the crystal CC. IRL, the small crystal CC was very dull in comparision to the crystal heart. I find the regular CC crystal necklace to be a better match to the CC crystal earrings in either the small or medium size.
  8. That necklace is Fall07 collection. I bought it a couple months ago. It was $225CDN, IIRC when I saw it in NYC it was $215USD.

    It is a very cute necklace!!

    Here is a pic with the style number so you can call and ask!
  9. ^^Thank you.:flowers:

  10. Thank you so much blushingbaby! I'm going to start calling now! :p You guys think the small cc crystal earrings would go better with it or the large ones?
  11. OMG That is TOO cute!!! What a LOVELY necklace!! :nuts:
    Good luck!

    ^ Oh and I like the small CC earrings. :smile:
  12. Ordering it right now!! :nuts:
  13. very cute!!!!