CC earrings

  1. I wanted to order a pair of CC earrings, so I called NM, they had them. I read threads on how to ger free shipping and tax and I wasnt going to get charged tax but I was going to have to pay for shipping because they lady told me the codes only apply to online. I tried to haggle my way out the shipping but they weren't budging.

    Ok so i'm ecstatic, because they had them i'm finally going to get them but then the lady tells me Nm doesn't accept visa :wtf::cursing::tdown:.

    So Saks has them and accepts Visa, and they won't charge me tax if I send them to ohio (boyfriends house) from new york, but the shipping is $13 dollars, but if I just pick them up in person the tax is $20, thats a $7 dollar difference and worth it if i can have them immdiately. ladies know of any surefire way to avoid tax and shipping, if not then i'll just pay full price.
  2. I think it's one or the other. I would save the 7 bucks and wait a couple of days but I am a cheapie, LOL!!