CC earrings or Tiffany hearts

  1. Hey ladies I would like your opinions on which earrings I should get, I heard the cc's crystals fall out with regular wear, so taken durablity and price into account

    [​IMG]Tiff hearts $150 usd

    [​IMG] $180usd(not too sure about this price, this was taken from the Chanel Accessories Resource Thread)

    [​IMG]( these are the larger ones($240usd) but I would get the smaller ones) $225usd

    *cc earrings taken from Chanel Accessories Resource Thread
  2. I prefer the cc earrings... :tup:
  3. In this case..I prefer the Chanel earrings.
  4. i have both the tiffany hearts and the crystal chanels. i would say the hearts if you're going to wear them everyday. i find the chanels are a little too much for everyday for me.
  5. I would say the Tiffany ones for daily wear and I love Chanel. The Tiffany earrings are sterling silver and the Chanel CC's are made of strass, which contains nickel. If you are sensitive at all you would not be able to wear the Chanel's every day.
  6. Chanel earrings!
  7. Definite the CC earrings.. so cute !
  8. [​IMG]

    ^ I love this! I would buy them! :tup:
  9. I have the Tiffany hearts and I love them.

    The Chanels are really pretty, too, but I just see too many knockoffs EVERYWHERE to buy them personally.

    Either choice is gorgeous, though. Good luck trying to decide :smile:
  10. i love the look of the chanels but it bothers me that you're paying that much money for something that isn't even sterling and cz. the chanels are costume jewelry and like someone else said: if you're at all sensitive you won't be able to wear them most of the time. i would definitely get the tiffany ones.
  11. I vote for the tiffany's because they are made of silver. they are super cute as well.
  12. I've always wanted the Chanels, but I recently learned that they contain nickel which I am way sensitive to. I wish they were made from sterling.

  13. I'd choose the Tiffany's because they are sterling silver.
  14. the chanel's are SUPER cute
  15. i would choose the tiffany because they're better for everyday where, there's less fakes of that design, and the price-to-quality ration is much better! with the CC you are definitely paying for the name rather than quality....