CC earring

  1. I want to invest a pair of CC earring and pendant too. I would like to wear it daily. I understand is all sliver can anyone advise me how to maintain the sliver look good and new always.
  2. The chanel costume jewelry is just a base metal, not sterling silver. But that being said, they do hold up very well, just dont shower or swim in your jewelry.
  3. I have bought Chanel costume jewelry over the last ten years - maybe even fifteen - cause I always loved the designs. I never had any problems with any tarnishing. One of my "vintage" earrings was featured in a fashion mag (I forget which one, which issue - I think last year) and it actually doubled in value per the mag. As said I never got it wet . . . I mainly have necklaces and earrings . . . I think if there was ever a problem you could return it. Keep your receipt.