CC earings available at NM Palo Alto

  1. I know they are hard to find, so I thought I would give everyone a heads up. They just came in...I got a pair and they still have 2 pairs.
  2. which earrings are these? Do you happen to have pictures, I might want to get these
  3. Are they those small ones??...if so those are TDF!!
  4. I am interast if they are real?
  5. too bad the crystals are notorious for falling out. I have had my pair replaced/repaired 3 times already and I only wore them less then 5 do the math.
  6. Nordstrom Mall of America has 50 pairs of them if anyone is looking for them, they retail for $225 at the moment.
  7. chanelboy, can you pls post pix? TIA:smile:
  8. I'm interested too, can show pics?

  9. 50 pairs? :p
  10. From eBay, seems like they come in different sizes. Is that true?

  11. i just got the small ones from the chanel boutique in NY at spring street. they were $195 + tax. they are so cute!

    i have both the small and medium ones and they're totally different looks!
  12. Really? Can u post pics of u wearing them? TIA!
  13. Are they the crystal ones, or the enamel black/white ones that are sooo limited?
  14. Curious on the size difference can someone post the difference?