CC crystall earrings or Tiffany's

  1. Hey ladies I would like your opinions on which earrings I should get, I heard the cc's crystals fall out with regular wear, so taken durablity and price into account

    [​IMG]Tiff hearts $150 usd

    [​IMG] $180usd(not too sure about this price, this was taken from the Chanel Accessories Resource Thread)
    [​IMG]( these are the larger ones($240usd) but I would get the smaller ones) $225usd
    *cc earrings taken from Chanel Accessories Resource Thread
  2. I'm not sure about durability but I like the Chanel ones alot more.
  3. Another vote for the Chanels...
  4. The Tiffany hearts are sterling and the CCs are costume. Both are usually available for purchase on a regular basis as they are both classic styles. The CCs can be dressed up or down. The Tiffany hearts are very casual. I also think the CCs are more grown up. Which would you wear more?

    I have the crystal CCs with dangling pearl drops and have had no problems with the stones falling out.
  5. I vote for the Chanel..I LOVE Tiffany's, but I can see that heart as more of a pendant or bracelet charm.
  6. i vote tiffany's...i had problems with my pearl cc earrings...sorry chanel...never again will i buy jewelry with stones in it from you.
  7. the first chanel pair are both cute & v wearable :love:
  8. I have to vote for Tiffany. Not really sure why, but Chanel custome earrings always hurt my ears.
  9. I love Tiffany (all my jewelry is T&Co) but I've never been a fan of the "Return to Tiffany" line- it's way too logoey for me. I'd definitely go with the Chanels- they're a bit less flashy.
  10. Chanel all the way, well depending on your age, I agree tiffany looks a little young IMO.
  11. im in love with the cc crystal earrings too, but im more concerned about it lasting especially for that price. Do you think Sak's would have both of the cc earrings available so i could compare them in person?
  12. I was going to say Tiffany when I read the title but I don't like the heart ones, I would pick the second CC ones over them
  13. my vot definitely goes to chanel
  14. Chanel!
  15. chanel!