CC crave or classic mini - HELP A SISTA OUT

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  1. Hi there!

    I have been lurking for quite some time now and admiring all your beautiful Chanel collections from afar. This is why I am posting this because I know I can trust your judgement!

    I recently purchased the SS14 Classic Mini in black caviar SHW and the SS14 CC Crave bag in black, and I can't decide which to keep! I would keep both but I want to buy a bag from the fall collection so that would be frivolous of me lol. I already have bags in similar sizes but black lambskin with gold hardware.

    I love that the crave can be worn crossbody and has classic look for an amazing price. And it's a nice size too.

    But I love the classic mini and think it's much prettier. Plus, with the looming price increase, the current price and the fact that this style is so hard to find is making me want to hold onto it even more!

    Both can match lots of outfits and are great for everyday use! What's a gal to do? Here's a photo of both bags:

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  2. Keep the mini. It's highly covetable and just amazing.
  3. The mini is timeless. But buy the one that you love the most!
  4. Do you need to carry a lot? If yes then CC. It looks so pretty. Why don't you keep the CC and get a mini in diff color and the fall bag :smile:

    Thinking if I should sell my easy caviar to get the CC?
  5. I know right!? It just stands out to me more. But the crave has got a great size and everyday durability. So I am torn :sad:
  6. My heart says mini! My mind says CC crave! My wallet says neither! Lol!
  7. My vote is for mini.
  8. Keep the mini - its a classic.
  9. That's true! And is there any particular reason you want the CC? I like how the easy caviar looks like a classic, more so in shape than the CC does.
  10. My vote is for mini...I have a navy caviar myself, very versatile and still classic! Unless u have lots to carry, I would say the mini...

  11. I just like the longer chain on the CC. Though I was also more attracted to the easy caviar because it was more boxy and I liked the zipper feature.
  12. Keep the mini!! :]
  13. The bigger, the better IMO lol

    Cinderella is proof that a new pair of shoes can change your life
  14. They are both great but if you could only keep one is keep the mini...
  15. Another vote for mini. Classic and timeless.