cc chargeback:( a bit long ...

  1. i seriously need your help !!! :crybaby: i bought a bag from a 5 years registered powerseller with 1800 successful transactions...paid the money on the 17th and she assured me it would be sent out on the same day. Two days later i asked for tracking number no response. Next day (20th ) i asked again . i received an answer that she apologizes blah blah blah she sent the package and she will send me tracking number in the morning ... waited until tonight when i logged in and saw she is NARU ! i know paypal suspends a lot of honest ppl but since she never provided tracking number even though she stated the package was sent and took so long to respond i opened a dispute and escalated to claim with paypal almost immediately ... my question is : shall i give paypal a chance or should i try to do chargeback on my cc straight away ? thank u all in advance !!! :crybaby:
  2. I would do whatever you can as fast as you possibly can. Call the credit card company right now AND let Paypal do what they do. Hopefully this was just a mistake and there is a reasonable explaination for her being NARU.
  3. Forget her. If she never bothered to follow up, then she probably menat to sccrew you over. Call your CC company now.
  4. Wait for Paypal, if you file a charge back with your CC company Paypal automatically drops your claim. I read an article recently that credit cards companies will not refund your $$ if you have made the purchase through paypal. Amex is excellent, but not too sure about some of the others.
    I would wait for Paypal.
  5. she actually provided me and paypal with tracking number...but usps doesnt show the recipient`s address or anything the only information is that it left san diego on the 20th Feb - shall i wait with closing the claim until i get the package in case this is not my tracking number or she sends a fake ? cos once you close the claim u cant do it again on the same payment right ?
  6. Don't close the claim until you get the bag and are satisfied.
  7. Dont close the claim until you get the bag - BUT you cannot change your claim from not received to 'not as described' -

    as far as I understood paypal rules. Good luck

  8. i dont care if i can or not ..if it is a fake i will be on to paypal 50 times a day and send 300 mails if needed and everyone will know my name there ! :supacool:
  9. Officially you can't change your claim from Item Not Received to Significantly Not as Described, but on the eBay forum boards I have heard that people have telephoned Paypal and they have changed it from one to the other - you just have to be persisitent & keep asking to speak to a supervisor!

    Hopefully the bag will arrive, be just as described and you won't have to!
  10. no they don't. paypal won't do anything. their only interest is pocketing their cut from the sale. they will fight tooth and nail to keep their money. she provided you with a delivery confirmation. which is valid as a tracking number. but don't close the transaction until you're satisfied with the product.