CC Cell Phone Charms

  1. Hi~
    I'm usually just a lurker that secretly admires all of your bags but decided to treat myself to a little something nice because I was just awarded a scholarship for college. Because I am still a poor college student who recently received a new cell phone, I thought a nice cell phone charm might be the little bit of luxury I can afford. I am not even sure if CC made cell phone charms so I did a search on tPF , which did not come back with very favorable results, leading me to believe that Chanel does not make cell phone charms at all. Unfortunately, I live in an area with no Chanel boutiques in site so I can't go ask. I decided that if CC doesn't offer any cell phone charms, I can just buy a nice simple CC charm and make my own. I was wondering if any of you ladies might recommend a sa in a Chanel boutique on the west coast, that would be wonderful.



    PS About how high can I expect the charms from CC to run? My budget is @ $300.
  2. browse through the thread of Sophia's eye candy.:drool:.I saw a lot of cell phone charms there.
  3. OOOhhhhhh, thanks!!
  4. There was also a free cell phone charm attached to the Chance perfume.
  5. Chanel does make phone charms though they are difficult to find. Last time i was at my local chanel boutique the only phone charm was the CC logo in rhinestones (for $125 CAD i believe). Hope that helps.
  6. yeah....I buy Chance perfume all the time...but mine did not come with the cell phone charm. however, people who did get it are now selling theirs new anywhere from $39 to $59.....maybe you should check it out....and then take the other $250 and buy something else!!! YEY!
  7. AND....CONGRATS ON YOUR COLLEGE SCHOLARSHIP. I had a free ride with scholarships for undergrad school...then lawschool made me take out loans.! LOL I am still paying them off. It's like having another mortgage. But before you know it, you will have a Chanel bag too. when you are earning all that dough. I wish you the best of luck in school... Study pays me.

    I live on the east coast, so I cannot help you with an SA. SRY! :sad:
  8. Thanks Sympathy! Mine's not a full ride, but its more then enough to make sure that I don't have to worry about tuition for the rest of my undergrad years (assuming I can keep making decent grades). And wow, lawschool? You must pass on to me some of your study habits! The thickest book I can read without falling asleep is Harry Potter :shame:. Maybe thats why I'm a Marketing major. Lol.
  9. GL on finding a CC cell phone charm! I just recently acquired one from the bf and I cannot stop admiring it! Well worth the money! =)
  10. The price range is between $125-$255