CC Army Costume Jewelry Collection!

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  1. I blame this on Justine, Miffy, and now Mia, but I while I was at SCP boutique yesterday, I saw the CC Army bracelet and now I can't get it out my mind! So now I have a couple of questions:

    1. Have anyone seen the bracelet that retails for $950 with 6 smaller dog tags? If so, what do you think? Am I losing my mind to pay that much for a bracelet? I'm thinking of making it into necklace charms, bag charms, etc. but $1k pricetag just has me :Push::Push:.

    2. SCP only had Justine's raised cross dog tag necklace. The quilted dog tag was sold out, and they didn't order the dog tag that I wanted the most: the camellia dog tag! Does anyone know where I can find this???
  2. would love to see pix of these! they sounds really pretty!
  3. :biggrin: L, I did see the bracelet and well, I'm sure you can guess how I feel about it.;) If you can't get it out of your mind, you MUST get it!:devil:

    I'm also bummed how the boutiques didn't get the pendant with camellia. Why? Why?!:hysteric: If I can't find that third style, I might as well just get the belt with all the charms and wear it as a necklace. And if you think the bracelet is too pricey, the belt is over $2500!:wtf:
  4. Have you girls seen the single charm bracelet (with the simple quilt charm)? That one is pretty cool too! I tried on the multi-charms bracelet and I was like :drool:.

    Given that I am not going for the belt (am getting the CC Liberties belt and just bought the Sweet Heart belt), I am going to get the camellia necklace and possibly the single charm bracelet with the camellia charm. Who knows? Maybe the boutique has other stuff? :drool: I must not I must not!
  5. The SA showed me a black/white pic of the belt and told me the price. :cursing: I don't think I can justify that price, even to myself. :Push: The camellia pendant is my favoriate. I need to find out if any stores in the US ordered it.
  6. No, SCP didn't have that one. Is the charm the same size as the pendant? I think I like the charms of the bracelet better since they're smaller.

    How much is the camellia pendant where you're Miffy?
  7. HK$3,800. No sales tax. The charm is the small charm. The necklace is also slightly shorter than the big charm one. Small quilt pendant necklace is HK$1,900. Size of the pendant on the single charm bracelet is also the small size. :devil:
  8. aiyo.... it's the cult gathering again.... I know I should look away...
    btw...anyone has a pic of the camellia dog tag?? :-P
  9. I don't but according to Mia, it's still available in PB.
  10. I would love to see the camellia dog tag! I love the bracelet , so cute!
  11. okie dokie... shall go take a look, thanks dear
  12. YEs yes's still available at PB when I was there yesterday. The camellia pendant even has a very tiny black crystal CC hanging there beside the camellia pendant. :drool::drool::drool: I'm not into dog tags necklaces but this camellia one is lovely!!! I seriously think I should join this CC Army cult as well. :graucho: Hhhheeeeeellllllp!!!

    P.S. The CC Army bracelet is available too..............:devil: And I saw the Couture collection sewing machine pendant as well.........cute cute!
  13. I'm excited to find out too, sounds nice. If there is a pic, it wuld be helpful too!~
  14. Oh yeah, why not? I am sure our cult chairman, i.e. Nanamiryu, will approve. Besides, the price is fairly attractive and you can actually wear it with another necklace because the length of the necklace is quite peculiar. :devil:
  15. The quilted dog tag necklace comes in 2 lengths rite? yes the camellia dog tag has tiny beautiful black crystals CC hanging loose where the pendant attaches to the chain. it is very pretty, price is almost double that of the quilted dog tag (the shorter one). oh well, i'm not a dog tag lover too but i bought the quilted necklace for a guy.