CBS Sunday Morning NOW!

  1. They have a special on Takeshi Murakami coming on next!!!
  2. what channel?!
  3. yayayya its on!!!! im watching it now!
  4. yeah it' on CBS, Marc Jacobs is on, Kanye...very interesting and they show alot of the exhibit in LA-OOOOOoooo chills! :yahoo:
  5. That was an interesting special. That cherry blossom retro that they showed inside his case was perfect! The cherry blossoms were lined up beautifully with 3 in a row on the top and 3 in a row on the bottom of the bag.:love:
  6. that was so awesome!!! im glad you posted that it was on or i wouldve missed it!! thanks!
  7. Oh cool.
  8. argh! missed it!
  9. I'm glad you got to see it courtneyh! I was sitting here in my robe, drinking my morning coffee and almost chocked on it when I saw what was coming up after the commercial! Thank goodness for daylight savings or I would've slept through it!:p Maybe it will be posted on online in a few days for those that missed it?
  10. aw man i missed it:s
  11. my boyfriend and i were sitting on the couch and he was watching new on another channel and i grabbed the remote out of his hand as soon as i read your post!!!
  12. wait.i think i may be able to see it! is it after the joni mitchell special, or before?
  13. bvbirdygirl-it was before Joni.
  14. darn it. oh well. it ended up working out, because i love joni mitchell! so i got to see a special on her!
  15. hopefully, it'll be available on youtube. i don't have cable. lol.